The Best Writer So Far

My ‘pinay’ writer sent back her assigned articles today.. the first batch of 8 articles of 4 batches.. I must say, from the writers that I hired before, she’s the best. Iba talaga ang pinoy/pinay!

Yes, I have tried an indian writer, a chinese writer and even an american writer iguess (not sure, pero he claims he is).. but the most quality articles i got was from Ms. Pascual. (Syempre, she’s an editor of a famous local magazine here)

The articles are all about Bichon Frise and i posted it already. Next step is to promote them..

I love promoting them.. Why? Because I meet many people, blogger people! Like today, I got a reply from Lui.. she’s the one behind Pinaywife Atbp and pinay wife speaks! Very nice blogs! Elegant Themes. I also have an elegant theme account, di lang ako marunong mag setup hehehe.

Anyway, hope she links back to me. I am her new reader.

I also made friend with ma’am liza… hope she  links to me as well.

One thought on “The Best Writer So Far”

  1. hi! thanks for the special mention hehe. linked you up to two of my blogs with PR, hope it could help. Yung Laughing-Trip and Pinaywife Atbp. both of these are consistent with their PR for the past three years ewan ko lang kung bakit haha wala naman akong ginagawang SEO or whatever.

    Good luck!

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