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Tuition Fee and Other Fees for a Kindergarten

Mommy fully paid Matt’s school fee’s this morning.. This is the third time. If you can remember, the first one was the ‘entrance exam’ day also the same day of enrollment, May 27. We spent around Php4000? That includes Php550 tuition for June (2 weeks lang class), and Php3500 miscellaneous fees. Forgot the breakdown, but I recall seeing IDs and notebooks and others.

The second time, last Monday, mommy paid for books. It costs us Php2,500 something.

Then today, this morning another Php4000 down the school drain. This time its for the school uniforms and ‘other fees’. Yes, it actually says ‘Other fees’ from the receipt.  That’s different from the Miscellaneous fees from last time.

Let’s write it down again:

– Php4000
– Php2500
– Php4000

Php…. anak mag aral mabuti….

((mommy, pa edit nga ng complete breakdown.. thanks)