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AffiloJetpack: For me but not for Me

Change of plan boys.. looks like the Affilojetpack product of Mark Ling which will launch on July 27 is not for your daddy after all.. Why? Here’s why:

“I’m going to give away 3 copies of AffiloJetpack (Valued at $500 each!) to people who comment, so make sure you leave a comment for a chance to win.” – Mark Ling

That’s $500!! I thought its $197.. but I was wrong. It was Affiloblueprint that’s $197. Oh well.. but I will still get a membership account on Aweber tonight.. I thought, why wait.. A $10/day adsense earner (naks di ah) like you dad can’t afford a $500 product, so why wait till july 27 to get an aweber membership right? It’s tonight! And I’m going to put it on our micro niche websites!

Oh, by the way, after a month or so:

icecream-makers 5 2 $0.30

I also have one more click on bean bags.. that’s a start right?