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Why We Didn’t Use Baby Monitor

I saw from blogging parents a neat device called the babysense v baby monitor. It basically is a hi-tech baby monitor that not only monitors if the baby is awake or crying but also monitors if the baby is not moving, not breathing or is death.

How does this babysense v monitor work?

The operation of Babysense V is by using a large, passive sensor pads that are highly sensitive to even the slightest motion a baby makes. These Babysense V pads constantly monitor a baby’s every movement.

The motion patterns are transmitted to a compact microprocessor, the Babysense V control unit, where they trigger a flashing green light that is clearly visible from a distance. The flashing green light is the signal that all is well, providing a parent or caretaker with peace of mind. If, for whatever reason, the baby’s movement stops for 20 seconds, or slows to less than 10 movements per minute, an audible alarm will sound. On hearing this alarm, a parent or caretaker is alerted to come to the aid of the sleeping baby.

Babysense V is not a medical device. Premature and high-risk infants must be under supervision of a doctor or health professional.

Why We Didn’t Use a Baby Monitor for Matt and Sean?

We didn’t use a babysence v baby monitor or any kind of baby monitor because our babies didn’t have their own room. They are always with us during night time compared to the western culture where the parents allow their baby to sleep in another room.