Sean Will Walk Soon, Part 2

This is just one of the stuff I missed while I was away from home, here in Canada. Sean is starting to walk. He will walk very soon. As shown from the photos below, he can sit by himself and guide himself around the house…. in his 7th month! Geesh!
DSC03216 DSC03213

Below you can see Sean wanting to stand up. Pero syempre he’ll start to crawl first on his knees, then the walking will follow.

DSC03210 DSC03209

I love these shots below… Check it out.. Ain’t he cute.. looking afar and very innocent?

(He’s actually looking at the laptop, wanting to use it, just like his kuya Matt)

DSC03207 DSC03206

I thank God Sean is not a preemie or you know, suffered from SIDS. He will grow healthy because he has the average height and weight for his age. No need to use a health calculator.

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