Matt Enrolled in Kindergarten

Yes he is! This was last Monday, May 24, 2010… the day nanay and tatay went to Saudi later that night…

Anyway, not sure how the photos above will show up.. but it show an Entrance Admission Slip.. na kailangan dalin sa first day of school.

The Official Receipt ng binayaran namin on the spot that same day (buti nalang may laman wallet ko.. :D )

Tuition Fees and other Fees slip

And the Color Coded Notebook slip…

Anyway ulit.. Matt took a simple entrance test.. matching type thing.. where you suppose to draw line between objects.. Matt didn’t do it.. Medyo napilit lang namin isulat name nya.. sabi ko di ako makaka uwi pag di nya sinulat name nya..

Then, the teacher answers the questions for him.. :D, ok naman daw, nakaka sulat naman daw.. Proceeded with the enrollment..

Right there and there, Php4253 nawala.. and we still have to buy books and notebook sa kabilang room dapat.. eh wla ng laman wallet namin, kaya umuwi nalang kami. :)

June 15 is Matt’s first day of school… Late ako sa work (work from home).. :D

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