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Grocery Day

Since it’s sweldo day, it’s grocery day.

As much as I would like to update this post about my affiliate earning, well, there is none.. zero.. nil.

But anyway, that’s alright now isn’t it… as long as I have adsense and PayU2, i am happy.

Right, anyway, went to Marilao today for the grocery.. spent couple of minutes sa Wonderland for the two bro’s activity. I bought a couple of books from Booksale about Bichon Frise, Maltese and Golden Retriever. Yes, i am into dogs right now. I’m sure you’d guess that the next site I’ll build after Bichon Frise is all about Maltese and Golden Retriever.. Genius.

I’ll be transforming my Elizar Palad blog into an affiliate site promoting Adam Short’s NPC or the Niche Profit Classroom.. Let’s wait how it would go.

Ear Checkup at Nazarenus

The great thing about my job is that I can work from home, may be twice or 3x or 4x a week.. yes, that’s 4 or 5 days a week, normal working schedule.

The down side of that is that I have weekend work.. so basically, I have a 7-day work week.

So today, I have pasok (saturday) but me and my wife and my matt-and-sean, went over to SM marilao, or Nazarenus hospital to have my ear checked.. ang sakit kasi!

ALso, pinag drive ko si tatay since check up nya in St. Michael.

Ate lunch at SM and umuwi na rin after Wonderland and the Cowboy horse ride.

MegaMind! November 5, 2010

Di ako masyado nakaka update ah.. and the house! It’s almost done! Actually the whole paint job is done.. may katas pa rin yung pader. :(

Anyway, today (november 6) nanood tayo ng CGI movie called “Megamind”.. funny, ayus lang! Voice starred Will Farrell as Megamind, Brad Pit as Mega Man.. and you can check IMDB for more voices :)

Ticket was Php105 each (SM Marilao, cheaper pa nga eh.. Bulacan.. and this is not 3D cinema).. Hey Sean, you fell asleep sa middle ng movie.. Matt, you watched the whole movie, ayus. Sabi mo maganda.. Blue skin ni megamind

Matt, Sean and Shrek Forever After

May 29, 2010 – Saturday, Movie time!

  • We all went out today and saw the latest Shrek movie (after doing a 3 Shrek movie marathon couple of nights before)… but that’s not the only movie Matt and Sean saw today. I have also downloaded a Disney movie Monsters, Inc. Matt loved it.
  • A little accident. Matt’s nose bled when he banged his face to Emmo’s HU.. stupid tricycle driver almost hit us.. on the way to SM Marilao.. near Metrogate.. looban sta. maria (sta clara road is under construction)
  • Picked up April adsense earning Villarica WU
  • The boys played in their usual play pen sa SM Marilao while I pay the Php34K credit card bill.. thanks adsense.
  • We also bought Matt’s first school bag! Lightning McQueen!

Matt with Baby Bop!

While I was watching Iron Man, Lois and Matt and Sean went to Toy Kingdom and bought Baby Bop! One of Barney’s Friends!

Now Barney will not be lonely anymore! Kasama na nya si Baby Bop na katabi ni Matt matulog!

Matt and Baby Bop Matt and Baby Bop


Matt and Baby Bop Matt and Baby Bop


Matt and Baby Bop

Photos were taken the day after.. Below taken at the Mall.. the day Baby Bop was bought..

SM Marilao - Ayaw mo Iron Man PSM Marilao - Ayaw mo Iron Man


SM Marilao - Ayaw mo Iron Man SM Marilao - Ayaw mo Iron Man


PSM Marilao - Ayaw mo Iron Man PSM Marilao - Ayaw mo Iron Man