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Happy Birthday Matt and Sean

It was a very simple celebration really.

Sean’s birthday is February 26 and his kuya Matt is today, March 1.

Last Saturday we all went to Fun Ranch and Arc Avilon Zoo. Pasyal pasyal lang for the birthday of our two boys. Photos and pictures are posted sa Facebook.. iba na kasi yung interface, di ko ma download para ma upload here.


Happy 5th birthday Matt, 3rd one for you Sean! Love you guys! Be good! sana lumaki kayong mababait..  popogi nyo, manang mana. :)

Sean Can Spell!

Quick post.. You can spell na Sean! Bulol but good! Naiintindihan naman. :)

September 14, 2010… 9:21pm.. pinapatulog kayo ni mommy, and nag iispell! You can spell most of the colors! Galing! Ayun tuwang tuwa si mommy! ;hehehe

  • star (we found out you can spell this couple of nights ago)
  • red
  • blue (mommy started with easy to spell colors)
  • Orange!! (yes, we were surprised!)
  • Purple
  • Yello!


Matt, Sean and Shrek Forever After

May 29, 2010 – Saturday, Movie time!

  • We all went out today and saw the latest Shrek movie (after doing a 3 Shrek movie marathon couple of nights before)… but that’s not the only movie Matt and Sean saw today. I have also downloaded a Disney movie Monsters, Inc. Matt loved it.
  • A little accident. Matt’s nose bled when he banged his face to Emmo’s HU.. stupid tricycle driver almost hit us.. on the way to SM Marilao.. near Metrogate.. looban sta. maria (sta clara road is under construction)
  • Picked up April adsense earning Villarica WU
  • The boys played in their usual play pen sa SM Marilao while I pay the Php34K credit card bill.. thanks adsense.
  • We also bought Matt’s first school bag! Lightning McQueen!

April 17 Photos of Sean

Not much to do here at home.. I’m the one manning the computer shop.. Them guys didn’t show up.. :)

Here are some photos taken the next day.. :) pansin ko lang, April 16 ung last eh.. hehehe,

The sun was shinning so brightly that I just have to take a few shots..

(click for larger picture)

Sean at homeSean at homeSean at homeSean at homeSean at homeSean at homeSean at homeSean at homeSean at home

Last picture is a little dark.. It’s actually the first picture taken.. So, I change location and place ourself in front of the sun.. :)

Cheers! 3 more days and Sean will be 2-month old!