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Disney’s Tangeld _ Rapunzel

It has been a while since I last updated this blog of Matt and Sean… Punong puno na ng pictures and videos yung iphone ko! hehehe..

I was suppose to make this blog site repository ng lahat ng pictures parang flicker, kay lang tinatamad eh.. pero today.. I just wnt to mention that we watch the latest Disney movie sa WM today.. Tangeld… Fairly tale story ni Rapunzel.. acutally di ko sure kung ganon nga kwento ng rapunzel, kasi nakalimutan ko na… all i know is mahaba ang buhok nya and “rapunzel, rapunzel lay down your long hair” part ng kwento.


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Matt, Sean and Shrek Forever After

May 29, 2010 – Saturday, Movie time!

  • We all went out today and saw the latest Shrek movie (after doing a 3 Shrek movie marathon couple of nights before)… but that’s not the only movie Matt and Sean saw today. I have also downloaded a Disney movie Monsters, Inc. Matt loved it.
  • A little accident. Matt’s nose bled when he banged his face to Emmo’s HU.. stupid tricycle driver almost hit us.. on the way to SM Marilao.. near Metrogate.. looban sta. maria (sta clara road is under construction)
  • Picked up April adsense earning Villarica WU
  • The boys played in their usual play pen sa SM Marilao while I pay the Php34K credit card bill.. thanks adsense.
  • We also bought Matt’s first school bag! Lightning McQueen!