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Linkshare Commission For June 2011

Selling physical products are harder than I thought.. pero digital/clickbank products din naman. Zero ka for a month. But once you actually made a Sale, the feeling is indescribable .

Good thing for June, before the month ended, I made a one sale on the Linkshare network.

Usually affiliates/internet marketers do not reveal their promoted products or niches, but I don’t care, I am no super affiliate or a millionaire affiliate (YET!) kaya ok lang.

Mosquito Magnet is the product that I manage to sell. I earned $41 for a single sale. Mas ok kasi pag mahal yung binebenta mo, mas mataas commission. Imagine if you can sell 2 of those in a day, everyday! That’s $90/day!…. $3,000 /month (quick math)

mosquito magnet reviews

My website for this is

That whole site was build using Matt Carter’s course called Rapid Profit Formula. I recommend it to anyone who is new, with ZERO knowledge of affiliate marketing and selling physical product.

Yes I do earn a little something when someone buy it, but I also want to share the information with you.

Rapid Profit Formula – 3rd Sale on Linkshare

Remember my post a couple of days ago? The one where I made my 2nd sale selling chandeliers? (yes, chandeliers), well I am glad to say that I manage to make another sale. It’s not that big but its still a couple of dollars.

That is basically my 2nd sale for the month and 3rd sale overall since I joined Linkshare. I wish I will lose count of these sale one day.. Yung parang sobrang dami na, di ko alam na it’s my1001th sale na.

Check it out!:

I just want to share that I use training when I sell products in Clickbank (digital products like ebooks and membership sites) and when I do sell physical products like chandeliers and lamps and wingback chairs etc, i use the linkshare network.

For extensive training on how to sell physical products, Matt Carter is the expert. I studied his RAPID PROFIT FORMULA course. It’s very easy to follow! Try it out! (mas mahal lang sya sa NPC.. NPC is $1, RPF is $77) both are worth it.

Linkshare 2nd Commission

Just found out I got a second sale from Linkshare.. The first chandeliers for sale that I sold was last February 21, 2011 pa.. at this rate, maiinip ako yumaman. :)

Here’s my second sale snapshot.. I got an additional $40. I set my payment to be triggered when it reach $500 pa.

chandeliers for sale

To sum them up:

chandelier for sale

Selling physical product is different when you want to sell digital products from Clickbank.

If you want to learn how to sell digital product check out

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