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Jesse – The Puppy

Jesse is our first ever family dog! She’s a St. Bernard.. well, breed from st. bernard and a collier.

We went to MOA this morning to meet up with the seller with a 2 month old St. Bernard.. Cream colored.. sayang gusto pa naman natin is yung brown na kakulay talaga ni Bethoveen.

Anyway, may bagyo pa today and nag drive tayo from Bulacan to pasay… thanks Emmo

Looks like I’m going to take the Dog Training nice for my 3rd Jetpack.. I unlock nga pala yung Dating Tips for Men as the 2nd jetpack after Singing Basics.

Matt, Sean and Shrek Forever After

May 29, 2010 – Saturday, Movie time!

  • We all went out today and saw the latest Shrek movie (after doing a 3 Shrek movie marathon couple of nights before)… but that’s not the only movie Matt and Sean saw today. I have also downloaded a Disney movie Monsters, Inc. Matt loved it.
  • A little accident. Matt’s nose bled when he banged his face to Emmo’s HU.. stupid tricycle driver almost hit us.. on the way to SM Marilao.. near Metrogate.. looban sta. maria (sta clara road is under construction)
  • Picked up April adsense earning Villarica WU
  • The boys played in their usual play pen sa SM Marilao while I pay the Php34K credit card bill.. thanks adsense.
  • We also bought Matt’s first school bag! Lightning McQueen!