AffiloJetpack First Week

Medyo walang update ah.. Last post as affilojetpack and that I’m contemplating of buying one… Here’s an update.. I did! It costs me $497 for 5 niches! I already unlock the singing niche and haven’t decided yet pa what are the other four.

The choices are the following… Weight Loss, Build Muscle, How to Attract Women, Saving Relationship, Green Energy, Dog Training, Internet Marketing, Wholesale sourcing, Self Help and Golf.. Ano kayang maganda for the 4 other niches? Hmm…

Anyway, update sa buhay buhay natin.. Last Friday, binigay na yung susi ng bahay nating.. and today, Sunday.. pumunta tayo ng mga mommy/sean kasama ate kim dun, para tignan kung anong sira..

Papa estimate si daddy/mommy sa gagawa ng roof and kisame.

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