Grocery Day

Since it’s sweldo day, it’s grocery day.

As much as I would like to update this post about my affiliate earning, well, there is none.. zero.. nil.

But anyway, that’s alright now isn’t it… as long as I have adsense and PayU2, i am happy.

Right, anyway, went to Marilao today for the grocery.. spent couple of minutes sa Wonderland for the two bro’s activity. I bought a couple of books from Booksale about Bichon Frise, Maltese and Golden Retriever. Yes, i am into dogs right now. I’m sure you’d guess that the next site I’ll build after Bichon Frise is all about Maltese and Golden Retriever.. Genius.

I’ll be transforming my Elizar Palad blog into an affiliate site promoting Adam Short’s NPC or the Niche Profit Classroom.. Let’s wait how it would go.

Happy Birthday Matt and Sean

It was a very simple celebration really.

Sean’s birthday is February 26 and his kuya Matt is today, March 1.

Last Saturday we all went to Fun Ranch and Arc Avilon Zoo. Pasyal pasyal lang for the birthday of our two boys. Photos and pictures are posted sa Facebook.. iba na kasi yung interface, di ko ma download para ma upload here.


Happy 5th birthday Matt, 3rd one for you Sean! Love you guys! Be good! sana lumaki kayong mababait..  popogi nyo, manang mana. :)