2010 Clickbank Status

This is my first post on my Clickbank earnings.. and before the year 2010 ends, here are some of the statistics that I want myself to remember. I will be doing this, well at least try to do it bi weekly just to monitor if I am doing any good in this internet marketing/affiliate marketing thing.

So, here it is.. the last week of the last month of December
clickbank status

As you can see from the weekly report, I had 2 sales! But don’t get excited. I purchased PopUp domination plugin under my affiliate code, so I couldn’t count that. The $12 though, was a product purchased on my flirting with women affiliate site. I’m not sure if its from the site or from the newsletter subscriber. The product purchased was Orgasm On Demand.

Here’s another screenshot of the Clickbank report that covers the whole year, 2010.

As you can see, I have a $178 carry over from 2009. Yes, my Clickbank account has been stale for a long time now. I just recently got back to the affiliate marketing game when I purchased Mark Ling’s Affilojetpack, hence most of my affiliate websites are jetpacks.

If you’re curios and wants to know what are the products I sold with that $178, well they are ‘watch tv online‘ products. Unfortunately, I stopped updating those sites when Google suspended my Adsense account on those streaming websites.

Alright, enough internet marketing and lets get back to Matt and Sean’s life. :)