Christmas Accident

Before I tell you what that accident was, just want to post a little new years message plug… hope you support it!

Anyway, no pictures on this pos via flikr and frienster proxy site… to follow… Just want to send out pings from this blog to notify servers that it’s still alive.

Anyway, Matt had an accidient today, Christmas Day… His face bumb on the side of the coffee table… scars just literally a millimeter from the eye!

Sean’s Christening


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Sean will be baptised on December 14, 2008… Well at least that’s the date that we want him to be baptised.

Next week, we’ll go to the church and (beg) tell them to set the schedule to December 14.. sayang naman ung pina print. :)

And next week too, malalaman na ng mga ninong and ninang, na ninong at ninang sila! SURPRISE! :)

Talked with the caterer, sila na rin daw bahala.. (Matt’s christening was handled by Amaluz’.. Sean is with “Let the Pearl”)



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The latest photo of the two brothers as dated in the picture.. That’s November 27, 2008… of course there’s newer photos that haven’t been uploaded in Flickr yet… Norzagaray Town Fiesta Shot.

Anyway, I just want to post this one here.. Cute.

Sean is starting to guide himself, and will start to walk.. Matthew is imitating him.